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Welcome to Jung's Acupuncture Center!

Welcome to Jung's Acupuncture Clinic. This clinic will provide you most effective treatment options to fit your individual needs based on traditional Asian medicine and diagnosis. Since Asian Medicine theory believes that each individual is unique, each patient consultation requires a customized analysis and assessment.

5 Good Reasons to Try Acupuncture and Herb therapy

1.    Are you stuck somewhere on the sea of everyday stress? Stress can show up as many different types of illness. Acupuncture and Herb Therapy can lift you out of stress and give you a lightness of being that may have been missing. We will give you simple practices to keep that lightness of being intact even after you leave after treatment.

2.    Acupuncture and Herb Therapy restores and strengthens the balance of your body and mind; even things that didn’t feel “off” will feel better. You won’t just be alive, you’ll thrive.

3.    Acupuncture and Herb Therapy can boost your immune system – meaning fewer colds and fewer illnesses.

4.    Acupuncture and Herb Therapy can relieve pain: physical pain, emotional pain, or spiritual pain. If it hurts, acupuncture and Herb Therapy can help.

5.    When was your last time you felt full of excitement and genuinely interested in the world? Remember how the world was full of possibility? Acupuncture and Herb Therapy can help you to love life, feel well, and be yourself again.


Dr. Luke TaekSoo Jung L.Ac. Ph.D.

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Oriental Medicine from American Liberty University. 2018

  • Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from DULA. 2006

  • Licensed in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine by the California Acupuncture Board. 2007

  • Certified Asian Medicine Diagnostics Association Practitioner 

  • Certified Traditional Eastern Medicine Practitioner 

  • Over 10 years of clinical experience in medical and physical therapy practices.

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