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Customized Herb Decoction

Herb Medicine is carefully selected and cleaned thoroughly as if we prepare it for our family.

Herb medicine is formulated accordingly for patient’s condition and symptoms.

Herb Medicine is well known to relieve pain, restore body condition, support digestive systems, and promote energy on general.

Available Supplies: 7 days, 15 days, 30 days

Children's Herb Decoction

Customized small portion of Herb Decoction is formulated accordingly for children’s body type and current condition.

Herbal Tea Medicine relieves pain, achieves a more calm & relaxed state of mind, aids stomach and digestive problems, provides cleansing properties for the body, and promotes energy and wellness.

 Available Supplies: 7 days

Chinese herbology is one of the oldest systems of herbal medicine in the whole world.


Chinese herbs consist of plant and animal substances that are mixed in particular dosages to treat disorders, fight diseases, alleviate pain and help re-establish the body’s natural balance and normal functions.


Chinese herbs have no side-effects and are often more effective than mainstream medicines.