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Deep Moxibustion Therapy

Heat Therapy is the application of deep moxibustion to a specific area or point on the body. It is one of many modalities used in holistic healing, and is oftentimes combined  with acupuncture.


An integral part of Eastern Medicine, the term "Heat Therapy" is derived from the Japanese "Moe Kusa" meaning "Burning Herb." This type of therapy utilizes the herbal plant "Artemisia Vulgaris" commonly known as "Mugwort."


Primarily, Heat Therapy is known for activating the body's healing properties. Its detoxifying effect improves blood circulation to your body's vital organs while increasing both white and red blood cells to aide in fighting off infection.


Heat Therapy can also help treat acute as well as chronic conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, alcohol abuse, impotence, infertility, high blood pressure, and anemia. That is why Heat Therapy is a staple in our unique approach and holistic treatment of each patient's individual needs. 

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