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Gua Sha

Instant Pain Relief by removing blockages

Holistic therapy, specifically Gua Sha therapy, works to release trapped stagnant fluids from your body as well as free the flow of your body's energy. That's why it has been proven effective for instant pain relief over thousands of years. It is always combined with acupuncture or another holistic modality as part of your individual treatment plan. 

During treatment, Dr. Luke works to remove blockages and restore balance to your body's body’s life force (Qi). As a traditional technique, it uses a tool made of Water Buffalo Horn that is soaked in Chinese herbs. The motion of the tool along your body (Gua) combined with the stagnant fluids it removes (Sha) creates a red glow. These are stagnant red cells that do not hurt and fade within a few days; they do not indicate broken blood vessels or bruises. Gua Sha allows cells causing pain to come to the surface, naturally cleaning them out of the body's system.


How does it work? 

The motion of the tool (Gua) combined with the stagnant fluids it removes (Sha) creates a red glow. Rubbing the area that needs attention the Gua Sha Tool is scraped along the body in long & short strokes. 

Gua Sha Benefit

Relieve Nerve Pain & Chronic Disease Improve Circulation Increase Energy (Qi) Remove Toxic Heat Remove Build-up of  Blood & Lymph Fluids

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