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Acupuncture is used to stimulate Qi and relieve blood stagnation in the energy channels to promote healing.

Scientific research shows that acupuncture is effective in both relieving pain and speeding healing of the plantar fasciitis. Study results show six month follow up evaluations of patients who had exhibited signs of plantar fasciitis for at least three months before starting treatment. The study results show that patients had not experienced relief from conventional treatments however they did experience relief once they had acupuncture treatments done for four weeks. 

Acupuncture improves plantar heel pain through several pathways. One way is that the insertion of needles causes a local effect on nerve endings, releasing neuropeptides that help eliminate pain. There is also some excellent research showing that a substance called adenosine is released during acupuncture and has a potent pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect as well as promoting blood flow to the area. Other local cells, known as fibroblasts, are stimulated by acupuncture promoting tissue healing in the area. 

Researchers have also demonstrated that the body releases its own opioids, the body’s natural ‘pain killer,’ during acupuncture treatment. Studies that look at changes in brain activity during acupuncture show that following treatment there is less activity in brain regions associated with pain perception and increased activity in areas that regulate our response to pain. 

Plantar Fasciitis and Acupuncture

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